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           MESA Monthly Member Meeting’s (4M’s)



Tuesday 25th January: David Preston, MESA Member - Realise.Me, about key lessons you could learn from binge-watching TV in a global pandemic + TOPIC – INFLUENCER MARKETING - What is influencer marketing and how does it work?  Hosted by Gordon Glenister (author of “Influencer Marketing Strategy”) helped us to understand how best to work with B2B influencers and thought leaders and how to set a clearly defined strategy to influence.  How to make sure its legal and compliant and recognise how you can evaluate and measure success.



Tuesday 22nd February John Martinez, Founder & CEO Shocklogic - 5 valuable snippets in 5 minutes ​​'5 things we've learned from two years of WFH' + TOPIC – Making your event service more attractive with event psychology - Guest speaker Victoria Matey outlined how experiences occur within people's minds - not online or live, but inside their heads. Psychology and behavioural science provide insight into what really drives people's behaviour and thinking.  Victoria covered what event pyschology is and how event planning or tech services can benefit from using brain science insights.



Tuesday 29th March:  Keeping up with industry trends - Industry research findings 2022 and beyondWe looked at what the key industry trends are at the moment.  With some key insights shared by our guest speakers Miguel Neves, Editor in Chief at EventMB and Rob Davidson, industry researcher and MD of MICE Knowledge, and summaries and findings also shared by our Host Gordon Glenister from the recent MESA industry trends report.



Tuesday 6th April:  Included 5 valuable snippets in 5 minutes from Richard John, MESA Member - Realise.Me: "5 ways for speakers to find their voice!"Richard John also moderated our main session with guest speakers: Lee Ali (MD, Expo Stars Interactive) and Chetan Shah (CEO & Founder, leading the discussions about  'How can you optimise attendee engagement at trade shows and what do attendees need from you?'.  We looked at face-to-face engagement strategies to truly connect with your target audience at events, resulting in better quality leads and ROI and how you can optimise your time at trade shows and understand the current needs of buyers during our ever-changing meetings world.  



Tuesday 24th May Included 5 valuable snippets in 5 minutes from Richard John, MESA Member - Realise.Me: "My 5 favourite management models".  Our moderator Gordon Glenister led the main topic discussions on Content marketing:  Ways to attract and engage your audience with our speakers:  Richard John, (MESA Member - Realise.Me) and Dan Assor (MD, Dan Assor Media, and producer, and host of trade show exhibition & industry podcast, The Dan Assor Show) and looked at what methods and tools can be used to create an impact, what works and what doesn’t, as well as successful ways to repurpose your content. 



Tuesday 21st June Included 5 valuable snippets in 5 minutes from Russ Magnuson - MESA Member - RD Mobile: “Wisdom from the Garden: 5 Lessons from Pumpkins in 5 Minutes". Main topic: 'B' ing ahead of the curve: Sustainability and what difference you can make...with guest speaker Emma Wellstead (Founding Partner, Warwick Events) who highlighted what was needed to become a B Corp, how long it takes and the benefits it can bring to a company.  Danny Stevens (MESA Member fielddrive) discussed the MESA Sustainability Pledge, and how we can pull together as a group of technology companies to make a difference.



26th July - Summer MESAfest with SongDivision - Led by Sam McNeill of SongDivision - Networking Event: Open to All (invite industry clients and colleagues) -  We had 60 minutes of fast paced, music-fuelled interactive entertainment from SongDivision, the global leaders in world-class music-based experiences. We were able to enjoy music from musicians who tour and record with acts like The Killers, Florence & The Machine, Michael Buble and Rita Ora, take part in a Rock & Roll Game Show, and help to create a completely original Summer Anthem.  This was the Summer's MUST-ATTEND Virtual Event!


30th August  Included 5 valuable snippets in 5 minutes from Jelmer van Ast - MESA Member - Conference Compass: 5 key steps to creating a supportive and empowering environment in your business, personal and family life”. Main topic: Customer Engagement: Understanding your client's needs in confusing and difficult times with guest speaker Steve Bather (Facilitator, Coach, MD Realise (Europe) Ltd) - We looked at what have we learned during the last two years during a period of existential pressure on the events industry and what assumptions were shattered, what standard practices we transformed and where we go now.  We should reflect as an industry on what comes next, build new services, develop new practices, and establish what good practise looks like, for every kind of ‘event’.  If we are serious about adapting, developing, and transforming, we should be listening to our clients even more intensely than before and not holding back from challenging their assumptions as to what they need now.  We discussed technology and what we have learned during Covid, and whether event technology, collaboration and decision-making technology come of age, or are we still shoehorning the wrong tools into our event design?  


27th September - Included 5 valuable snippets in 5 minutes from Richard John, MESA Member - Realise.Me: "My 5 top exhibiting tips".  Main topic: Adapting to change and finding the ability to adapt.  With speakers Martin Klöfver (MESA Member, Trippus Event Solutions) and Jelmer van Ast (MESA Member, Conference Compass).  Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, it is the one that is most adaptable to change.”  The main session looked at how small-medium sized companies have been able to adapt in last few years from technology changes to internal changes and focus, and how this has affected team structure, motivation, and client success.  We looked at best practices and lessons learned for adapting, making key changes, and moving forward. 



25th October - Included 5 valuable snippets in 5 minutes from Jelmer van Ast - MESA Member - Conference Compass: Better performance and more fun by understanding the five dysfunctions of a teamMain topic: How you can be more effective.  With speaker John Martinez - MESA Member -  Shocklogic.  Personal effectiveness is about successfully managing time, priorities, communication, and self-care. It can seem like a lot to juggle at once but keeping a few simple ideas in mind can make a big difference.  This session introduced us to some well-known effectiveness strategies, including Pareto’s Law (also known as the 80/20 principle) and the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, popularised by Steven Covey. 



22nd November - Included 5 valuable snippets in 5 minutes from Adam Fillary - MESA Founder: "My 5 most important networking tips".  Main topic: Finding a mentor and being a mentor. With speakers Gordon Glenister - MESA Founder and Simon Greenbury - Marketing & Events Consultant.  How do you find a good mentor?  This session covered how good mentors offer constructive criticism which is essential to helping a mentee progress toward their goals.  They need to have empathy and put the responsibility in the mentee's hands, as well as know how to communicate and listen.  

MESA SUMMARY - Finding a Mentor and Being a Mentor


13th December - Xmas Quiz (with prizes!) 


2021 Topics Included: 

August: Managing our emotional and mental well-being whilst working remotely

September: Finding new clients in an uncertain climate

October: How do you navigate through and deal with difficult conversations at work and with clients?      

November: What is mindfulness at work FAD or TOOL: is there really time to do it?

December: General networking and Quiz 

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“I really enjoyed Lee Ali’s presentation about trade show engagement. As a marketeer, it was very useful to see what we are already implementing for shows, and what more we can do. I also liked that there was a lot of Q&A – I found out very interesting info from others on how to measure ROI for trade shows.” 

– Lorena Fasui, Marketing Coordinator at Shocklogic (has attended these meetings more than 6 times)

“There were some top takeaways on the do’s and don’ts of having a successful exhibition, and strategies on how to make good connections’. 

Jose Elias Barrientos, Junior Software Developer at Shocklogic (has attended these meetings 3 times)




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