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You are invited to join us at one of two short meetings to show you how to create your own stack on the Kubify platform.  Member stacks will be published to the MESA showcase in Kubify, and that showcase will be embedded within the MESA website and Community Platform. 

Building the stack is a simple drag and drop exercise, where you can also brand and design your stack to suit your profile. 

The stack can include your marketing collateral, videos and url links - you don't need to design any new material to get started - it's uploading what you already have. 

From here our MESA members can learn about each other for potential collaboration and recommendations.  Importantly - it produces your own unique QR code which MESA can display at industry events and online forums so potential clients can find out more about you.


Choose the best day to suit you for a 15 minute call - stay longer if you need to.  We will allocate half an hour for the call.

Join us to get started - all our MESA Members will be represented - Individual, Start-Up, Company (SME) and Patron.


Session is led by Tamsin Treasure-Jones, Co-Founder of KubifyMESA Member

It will take 15 minutes of your time to get access to / explore how to create your unique stack.  Choose your session option and we will send you an invite (the invite will be for half an hour in case you wish to stay longer to discover more).

Our optional sessions takes place at:

- Tuesday 19th March 2024 - 1400 GMT / 1500 CET:

- Thursday 21st March 2024 - 1430 GMT / 1530 CET:




MESA- March 2024 Kubify Profile Stack Building Meeting Option

United Kingdom


Tamsin Treasure-Jones

Tech Co-Founder Kubify / Technology Enhanced Learning Researcher
  • Tamsin Treasure-Jones

    Co-founder of Kubify, an event and educational technology start-up. Experienced strategist, project manager and researcher, with extensive experience of working in higher education and building links with the public and commercial sectors. Skilled in Educational Technology, Communication, Project Development & Management, Qualitative Research and Education.

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