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Join us for MESA and MPI's Meeting Planner Forum

to explore and solve common misunderstandings between event planners and suppliers

(Invited suppliers are members of MESA or MPI only)

Tuesday 6th June 2023: 1400 - 1500 BST / 1500 -1600 CEST

Event Planners and Suppliers In Conversation for an Enhanced Relationship Building Process



Suppliers want clarity in RFPs, and recognition of expertise and experience.  Planners want transparency and clarity about what suppliers can offer.  Both suppliers and planners want Communication and Conversation - an opportunity to talk together to understand the event, the goals, restrictions, with a chance to explore better, and realistic solutions to achieve success and the best delegate experience.  These were the outcomes from the MESA Planner Forum in December 2022 and now we continue the discussion, alongside the MPI chapters of Belgium/Luxembourg and Germany in a continuation of building better events through shared understanding.


Clarity – Communication and trust is crucial


Join us to discuss Communication and Relationship Building.  What have been the changes in the last months regarding challenges and issues of concerns?  How can we deal with the challenges together, whilst respecting each other’s deadlines and restrictions?  How can we develop a deep/structured conversation (probably multiple conversations) about all the "what if’s" that would help to ensure that together the planner and supplier have explored and addressed all the issues they might hit, and therefore, will be well prepared?  How do we learn to ask more questions from both sides!


What help would you need from associations like MESA and MPI to help support you throughout the year with online meetings, tools, and ideas?


Attend this forum and contribute to getting the best solutions and ideas to some of our joint key challenges:


- What are the most important factors to a great supplier/client partnership?

- How do we establish a more realistic understanding and approach to our events together?

- Which questions are the most impactful but are often forgotten?

- When issues occur during the project, what are your expectations of each other?

We aim to reach new audiences and connections with meeting planners for our members through education (online and at events). 


Register now if you are a MESA or MPI MEMBER, or a planner in the meetings & events industry!






Start: 6 June 2023
15:00 (UTC/GMT +02:00 - Europe / Berlin)
End: 6 June 2023
16:00 (UTC/GMT +02:00 - Europe / Berlin)
MESA - Meetings & Events Support Association Ltd.
Event Planners and Suppliers in Conversation: For an Enhanced Relationship Building Process

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