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Founding Members

Adam Fillary

Championing Personal Networking & Pioneering New Techniques - Co-Founder MESA
  • Adam Fillary

    I'm passionate in the extreme, developing and delivering business concepts and projects. Focused on my long term objectives and excited by the short term milestones I've set myself and by others.


    Now dedicated to the businesses I run, having spent too much time demolishing previous employers sales targets, whilst re-writing the rule books wherever I've worked and whomever I've worked for.


    No limits to the ideas and concepts I have, Alphabet would be lucky to have me!


    I simply love working, and for those who don't, I don't understand why you don't. This is my hobby and my life, work is what I chose to do! Please understand that. 



    Based: London, UK.

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Gordon Glenister

Membership and influencer marketing expert /Author, Podcaster / Keynote Speaker - Co-Founder MESA
Membership World
  • Gordon Glenister


    I work with my clients to help them become better leaders in the world of influencer marketing and/or running better membership organisations with the aim of

    ✅ Increasing market share

    ✅ Increasing revenue

    ✅ Showing greater authority

    ✅ Showing greater visibility

    ✅ Creating more impact

    ✅ Showing more influence

    ✅ Seeing more referrals


    For Businesses

    I help them develop or refine their membership or influencer proposition and I do this by auditing their current business and getting a clear understanding of the challenges ahead, then go through a mapped process to achieve the desired results

    ✅ Audit evaluation

    ✅ Re-aligning mission and brand proposition

    ✅ Creating influencer or membership strategy

    ✅ Refer key influential people to help amplify the plan

    ✅ Evaluate success by testing and measuring effectiveness

    I can also work to help businesses write blogs on their websites, collaborate on white papers and help them build their brand exposure through my podcasts

    For Individuals

    When I work with individuals, I go through the same process of understanding their business challenges and how I can help them to achieve a more successful membership programme or consider how best to become an influencer. Influencer marketing is the fastest growing advertising discipline today


    ? About Me

    I have run trade associations, launched online education platforms, exhibitions and magazines as well as grown the membership of many organisations. I specialise in mystery shopper audits too I won the BPMA personality of the year in 2009 and now work with leading brands, agencies and SMEs

    I love working with ambitious people that want to make a difference to their organisations.





    Based: London, UK.

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Sandie McCoubrey

Sales & Marketing professional, owner of Eventif-Solutions - Co-Founder & Director of Membership @ MESA
  • Sandie McCoubrey

    I am an enthusiastic sales and marketing professional with a passion to help companies achieve and meet their goals.


    Best placed to help companies struggling and in need of new creative ideas and energy, support and leadership.  I am also on hand to help larger and more established companies come through the challenges they may be currently facing.


    Extremely goal orientated and committed to success, I consider myself a very loyal and dedicated part of any team.  My strengths lie in networking and bringing new connections to you, and opportunities to each other.


    I look forward to hearing from like-minded individuals, or companies, to start and develop new projects and ideas in an ever-changing world.


    Compassion – Sincerity – Empathy are words I choose to live by.


    Specialties: Strategic planning, event and project management, sales, marketing, new concepts/ideas. 


    Based: Corfu, Greece.

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Danny Stevens

Founder and CEO at fielddrive
  • Danny Stevens

    Danny is a pioneer of the Meeting & Event industry, as a founder of the leading event agency Event Masters since 1991 he managed over 3000 events and understands the needs of meeting and event planners as no other.

    With fielddrive he introduced a disruptive and global approach for onsite badging services, visitor tracking and face recognition technology, and is always striving to bring the latest technology to improve the onsite visitor experience.

    He's a passionate traveler and photographer and always in for an adventure and out to discover new technology trends.

    He has been spotted riding enduro motorbikes trough the Australian outback, diving the waters of Indonesia, kiteboarding the shores of Venezuela, discovering indigenous tribes in Ethiopia, taking areal photographs with drones in Cambodia, crossing the Sine Saloum with a jetski, looking for his golfbal in bushes of Andalusia, playing handpan in Vindravan, and dwelling technology fairs around the globe.

    Open for International partnerships and investor opportunities.

    Specialties: face recognition, creative concepting, event management, ROI methodology, event relation marketing, software development, event technology, onsite delegate management.

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Felix Stroud-Allen

Co-founder & Director
  • Felix Stroud-Allen

    I co-founded CrowdComms in 2011, with the goal to create a richer interactive experience for delegates via their smartphone. 10 years on and CrowdComms is leading the way in the digital shake-up and transformation of the event technology industry.  

    My mantra is that I know nothing. All I have is a bank of experiences to call upon and provide guidance through life. This means I listen and I am looking to learn something new everyday. The moment I think I “know” something is the day I fix my point of view and do not fully listen to others.


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Jelmer van Ast

CEO & Founder
Conference Compass
  • Jelmer van Ast

    Jelmer van Ast is the CEO & Founder of Conference Compass, a pioneer of event apps since 2009. Their apps have been used at over a thousand conferences, including most of the world's largest association conferences. With their all-in-one virtual and mobile event app platform, Conference Compass enables organisations to engage their communities around events year-round, seamlessly uniting the online and in-person experience.

    Jelmer holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and knows first-hand what it takes to publish scientific research and deliver engaging presentations. With his roots in academia together with over 10 years of experience building an event tech company, he and his team stand by their customers to manage the virtual, live and hybrid experience.

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Jessica Ylstra

ACS audiovisual solutions
  • Jessica Ylstra

    Experienced Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the events services industry. Skilled in Event Planning, Coaching, Business Development, Marketing Strategy, and Hospitality Industry. Strong entrepreneurship professional graduated from de Baak.

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John Martinez

CEO & Founder
  • John Martinez

    With over 30 years of experience in the events industry, John understands the needs of membership organisations deeply and intrinsically. After spending the first 14 years of his career as a PCO, he founded Shocklogic in 1997, where today he leads an international team to deliver cutting edge event management technology. John has a PhD in Quantum Physics from MIT and has previously been named one of the “Top 100 Movers & Shakers in Events” by Eventbrite. In 2020, he was also listed as one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the Event Industry” and one of the “Top 50 Virtual Meetings & Events Innovators” by Eventex.

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Sébastien Braun

  • Sébastien Braun
    With a background in economics and finance and experience in strategy consulting, my approach combines analytics and business acumen. I apprehend clients’ projects from a business perspective, and bridge the gap between real life situations and technical solutions. I am driven by customer satisfaction and success, and take great joy in helping clients reach their goals in today’s global digital ecosystem.
    Based: Brussels, Belgium. 
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Terry Waller

Managing Director
Arc International
  • Terry Waller

    With over 30 years of experience in the events industry insurance market, Terry knows what he is talking about when it comes to insuring your event for all the coverage you need.

    He is an Event Insurance Specialist that arranges cover for organisers and suppliers involved in all sectors of the Global Events Industry. The cover offered includes protection against the risks of Cancellation/Abandonment, Employers/Public/Products Liability and Loss or Damage to Property Owned or Hired-In. Professional Indemnity cover is also available for companies acting as agent on behalf of their clients.

    Robust Risk Assessments with a pro-active Risk Management philosophy will usually attract cheaper rates from Underwriters. Apart from lending assistance with contractual issues, particularly in respect of the insurance and indemnity clauses, Terry works closely with a specialist Events Health and Safety company which is UK based but operates globally, providing an additional layer available to all event industry clients.

    Terry Waller can help you to minimise the risk and feel more secure to focus on the planning!



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