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Conference Compass

  • Conference Compass

    Conference Compass creates the best-on-market mobile and virtual event platforms for in-person & hybrid conferences, trade shows, and events. We have supported over a thousand physical events with our mobile event apps and hundreds of virtual events with our virtual event platform. We are passionate about events and how technology can help to make them more engaging.


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  • CrowdComms

    For over a decade we have developed and delivered innovative, intuitive and cost-effective event tech solutions that are trusted by thousands of event planners around the globe. Our market leading virtual, hybrid and in-person event platform creates engaging, interactive and memorable event experiences for every attendee, whether online or on-site. Packed with interactive features such as real-time video and chat networking, live polling and video breakout rooms, running your event on CrowdComms’ event software ensures that attendees actively and effectively participate from any location, before during and after the event. 

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  • Fielddrive

    fielddrive is a global provider of onsite services for live events. We help event planners around the world to manage visitor flows with the fastest check-in, highest security, and live analytics. As a global provider of onsite technology solutions with 12 logistic hubs worldwide, we deploy a full suite of integrated hardware/software solutions for managing onsite participants at events. From touchless check-in and live-badging with sustainable badge material in full color to visitor tracing with session scanning, access control, or lead retrieval tools, as well as insightful reporting and analytics; we support event organizers with consistent tech services irrespective of size, location, or registration platform.

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  • idloom

    As experts in corporate digital communication, we have the experience of offering a unique combination of technological, marketing, and management expertise to our clients. We apprehend digital communication as a whole to achieve maximal value creation for our clients, and therefore offer state of the art software solutions tailored to their needs, along with customized support and consulting.

    Our software offering currently consists of 2 products:

    • idloom-events™ - a state of the art event management platform
    • idloom-wall™ - a fully customizable social intra/extra-net

    Alongside our software products, we offer customized support and consulting under our branch idloom-consulting™, as well as diversified personalized services. We tackle complex problems with a systematic approach, combining creativity, originality, and structure. At idloom®, we take great pride in optimizing the way our clients connect, share, and work together in the digital world.

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  • Shocklogic

    Shocklogic supports event organisers and associations with cutting-edge event management software, services, and technology for face-to-face, hybrid, and virtual events. Shocklogic is your one-stop-shop for membership solutions and event technology. Our software, solutions, and services support event organisers in every aspect of producing onsite and hybrid events, as well as fully immersive virtual experiences. Founded in 1997, we’ve had our finger on the pulse of events technology for nearly 25 years.

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Arc International

  • Arc International

    Arc International is an Event Insurance Specialist established to provide global protection for organisers of conferences, exhibitions, meetings, product launches, festivals and other special events.

    Arc International is a trading style of Apex Insurance Services Limited, a subsidiary of CSP Holding and part of the CSP group of companies.

    Cover can be tailored to accommodate specific customer needs which can include protection against the risks of Cancellation, Abandonment, Legal Liabilities and Property owned or hired-in. Similar protection for exhibitors is also available.

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  • Cube-i

    Cube-i specialise in interactive solutions for your conferences, events and exhibitions.  Cube-i is privately owned and has been operating since 2006.  All our software is developed in-house which allows us to be more flexible with our client need and we have a large selection of packages that are designed to engage your audience including web streaming, voting, registration and iWall.

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  • EventEye

    Make amazing virtual events, the easy way. We offer everything you need to run successful virtual and physical events. We offer event registration, live video streams, technical assistance and event apps. Thousands of attendees or a small training seminar? With EventEye you can create a fun and engaging event app for all types of events, and ensure amazing attendee experiences. Our app enables your invited audience to participate remotely in voting, Q&A, Surveys, networking all whilst watching the speaker, seeing the slide deck, and the engagement results pages

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  • Evessio

    Evessio, the leading event technology specialist, empowers event professionals to deliver live and virtual and hybrid exhibitions, conferences and awards ceremonies from start to finish. 

    Evessio’s four platforms – Awards RoomAwards HubsEvents Room and Events Hub – are tailored to meet the needs of today’s events teams. From launch through to the live, virtual or hybrid event experience, the platforms offer organisers the opportunity to adapt and flex their event offerings to suit their business and community needs. 

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  • Kubify

    Kubify’s Learning Toolbox connects content, conversation and community by enabling your presenters to share and discuss rich educational content before, during and after the event.
    Learning Toolbox is a multi-award winning ePoster and educational content platform for onsite, hybrid and online events. It’s so powerful, flexible and easy to use that event organisers are already using it beyond ePosters as well – for sharing speaker and sponsor content and for supporting round tables and workshops.

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RD Mobile

  • RD Mobile

    Event platforms and engagement apps that deliver ROI.  RD Mobile’s industry-leading Eventsential & Engagefully platforms power in-person, hybrid/blended & virtual events as well as year-round member engagement - on both mobile & desktop devices.

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    We are constantly innovating across the events spectrum; sharing our experience by inspiring individuals and organisations to succeed; investing our own resources to help others fulfil their aspirations; and implementing world-class face to face solutions.

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Savvy Congress

  • Savvy Congress

    Savvy is a Dutch company that has been developing software to bring the physical and online elements together at events every day since 2014. With 10 years of experience in industries where knowledge transfer is central and technology increasingly plays a leading role, we are the technical partner that goes beyond just offering tools. We develop, install and deliver data that will help you move forward. We believe that interactive applications are becoming increasingly important to get in touch with your target group(s) and to involve them in your message.

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Adam Fillary

Championing Personal Networking & Pioneering New Techniques - Director of Strategy @ MESA
  • Adam Fillary

    I'm passionate in the extreme, developing and delivering business concepts and projects. Focused on my long term objectives and excited by the short term milestones I've set myself and by others.


    Now dedicated to the businesses I run, having spent too much time demolishing previous employers sales targets, whilst re-writing the rule books wherever I've worked and whomever I've worked for.


    No limits to the ideas and concepts I have, Alphabet would be lucky to have me!


    I simply love working, and for those who don't, I don't understand why you don't. This is my hobby and my life, work is what I chose to do! Please understand that. 



    Based: London, UK.

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Gordon Glenister

Membership and influencer marketing expert /Author, Podcaster / Keynote Speaker - Director of Communications @ MESA
  • Gordon Glenister


    I work with my clients to help them become better leaders in the world of influencer marketing and/or running better membership organisations with the aim of

    ✅ Increasing market share

    ✅ Increasing revenue

    ✅ Showing greater authority

    ✅ Showing greater visibility

    ✅ Creating more impact

    ✅ Showing more influence

    ✅ Seeing more referrals


    For Businesses

    I help them develop or refine their membership or influencer proposition and I do this by auditing their current business and getting a clear understanding of the challenges ahead, then go through a mapped process to achieve the desired results

    ✅ Audit evaluation

    ✅ Re-aligning mission and brand proposition

    ✅ Creating influencer or membership strategy

    ✅ Refer key influential people to help amplify the plan

    ✅ Evaluate success by testing and measuring effectiveness

    I can also work to help businesses write blogs on their websites, collaborate on white papers and help them build their brand exposure through my podcasts

    For Individuals

    When I work with individuals, I go through the same process of understanding their business challenges and how I can help them to achieve a more successful membership programme or consider how best to become an influencer. Influencer marketing is the fastest growing advertising discipline today


    🎓 About Me

    I have run trade associations, launched online education platforms, exhibitions and magazines as well as grown the membership of many organisations. I specialise in mystery shopper audits too I won the BPMA personality of the year in 2009 and now work with leading brands, agencies and SMEs

    I love working with ambitious people that want to make a difference to their organisations.





    Based: London, UK.

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Sandie McCoubrey

Sales & Marketing professional, owner of Eventif-Solutions - Director of Membership @ MESA
  • Sandie McCoubrey

    I am an enthusiastic sales and marketing professional with a passion to help companies achieve and meet their goals.


    Best placed to help companies struggling and in need of new creative ideas and energy, support and leadership.  I am also on hand to help larger and more established companies come through the challenges they may be currently facing.


    Extremely goal orientated and committed to success, I consider myself a very loyal and dedicated part of any team.  My strengths lie in networking and bringing new connections to you, and opportunities to each other.


    I look forward to hearing from like-minded individuals, or companies, to start and develop new projects and ideas in an ever-changing world.


    Compassion – Sincerity – Empathy are words I choose to live by.


    Specialties: Strategic planning, event and project management, sales, marketing, new concepts/ideas. 


    Based: Corfu, Greece.

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