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For all industry colleagues - join MESA for the next summer networking event, online, with Song Division on Thursday 25th July 2024!


If you are a meeting planner or MESA supplier, register to join our next Planner Forum on Thursday 17th October 2024!   


“I had such a great first session with the MESA community on Thursday at their Planner Forum. All speakers on the topic of Customer Success were incredibly insightful and created lively discussion from the rest of the group. So great to be part of such an open conversation about the opportunities and difficulties faced by professionals in the industry. Really looking forward to joining the next event and hopefully meeting more of the community in person.”

Tabby Bunyan, Meetings & Events Lead, Extraordinary Britain Meetings & Events, UK


MESA Founder Collaboration Calls 

At MESA we want to provide support from within the community to energise, champion each other and empathise for members' needs.  We run regular MESA Founder Collaboration calls, focussing on current issues facing our Founders and CEO’s.  Open only to MESA Members.  If you would like to join our forums and discussions, speak to Sandie about joining our community.

More information about MESA Membership


Very useful and informative, thank you all - Thomas Howie , COO, Evessio, UK


MESA Networking Event - Summer MESAfest with SongDivision

Open to all industry colleagues!  We had a great Summer annual networking event online in July 2023 - MESAfest - with SongDivision, the global leaders in world-class music-based experiences.  MESA SUMMER PARTY WITH PURPOSE - LEAD LIKE A ROCK STAR!

MESA is happy to announce it's 3rd Summer Networking Event with SongDivision for 2024!  Taking place on Thursday 25th July 2024 at 1400-1500 BST / 1500-1600 CEST online! 

REGISTER TO ATTEND NOW. Open to all industry colleagues - we look forward to seeing you there!





MESA Planner Forums 


We aim to reach new audiences and connections with meeting planners for our members through education (online and at events). 

If you are a meeting planner or MESA supplier, register to join our next Planner Forum on Thursday 17th October 2024!   

Online for an hour!



Our first Planner Forum took place in December 2022 and was all about creating a better shared understanding between industry event suppliers and meeting planners. 


We continuted our conversation and ran our event with MPI Belgium-Luxembourg & MPI Germany Club in June 2023 and looked at changes in the industry in the last 6 months, and what we need to do to enhance relationships between suppliers and event planners. 

MESA SUMMARY - Planner Forum June 2023

In October 2023 meeting event planners and MESA supplier members looked at delegate engagement at events - what doesn't work, what does, and what can be improved or changed!  


April 2024 was our next MESA Planner Forum looking at Customer Sucsess!  We looked at how things have changed and are still changing, what are the current trends and how we are adapting.


"It was really amazing to find the ways colleagues use for engaging participants to the events and creating new enviroment for the events"

Tetiana Baranchuk, Event Project Manager, CWT- Meetings & Events, UK    


"It was a really amazing group of people, a very relevant topic, and useful information was shared".

Tammy McGlade, Director of Marketing, epiQ Creative Group, USA (MESA Member)  

MESA Monthly Member Meetings (4M's)



Education for leaders and teams is core within the MESA community and our members are a key priority for this.  MESA runs monthly online events for member teams.  Previous calls focused on the well-being and mental health of members working remotely, as well as finding new clients in an uncertain climate. MESA Monthly Member Meetings (4M's) in 2024 take place on the last Tuesday or Thursday of each month where possible.  If you are interested in attending one of our calls to see if MESA Membership is for you contact Sandie  

1400 GMT / 1500 CET

View more details about call topics and dates here


You can meet us at industry trade shows throughout 2024!  The next one coming up is TMS in London

Our campfire seating is sponsored and provided by FestivalChairs 









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