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Fran Rickenbach

Management Excellence, Inc
  • Fran Rickenbach

    As president of MEI, an association management company, it is my goal to bring management expertise and imagination, along with association management best practices, to membership and trade associations interested in being the premier association in their arena.

    Specialties include virtual meetings that aren’t a consolation prize, growing associations, and helping associations find the best possible management strategic partner.

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John Martinez

CEO & Founder
  • John Martinez

    With over 30 years of experience in the events industry, John understands the needs of membership organisations deeply and intrinsically. After spending the first 14 years of his career as a PCO, he founded Shocklogic in 1997, where today he leads an international team to deliver cutting edge event management technology. John has a PhD in Quantum Physics from MIT and has previously been named one of the “Top 100 Movers & Shakers in Events” by Eventbrite. In 2020, he was also listed as one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the Event Industry” and one of the “Top 50 Virtual Meetings & Events Innovators” by Eventex.

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Mark Plaisier

Operations Director
Savvy Congress
  • Mark Plaisier

    With 25 years of experience in events, he once explained the difference between a 35mm slide projector and power-point slides. 

    Today he's still doing this😉 while in the meantime helping people to understand the differences & possibilities between hybrid, virtual, online, live, platform, tools and many other technical phrases that could impact your event or meeting. 



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Nicola Williams

Managing Director
Seren Events Ltd
  • Nicola Williams

    Managing Director at Seren Events Limited - PCO and Multi-Service Event Agency.

    Taking care of people is in our DNA at Seren Events and as the Founder and Managing Director of Seren Events Limited, I completely embody this core value. Our clients and their attendees will not find a better care approach and our team will enjoy their work, in a safe, fun and inclusive environment.

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Roxy West

Association Management Executive
Management Excellence, Inc
  • Roxy West

    Roxy wants to live in a world filled with passionate board members and a force field around her desk that repels cats and sticky-fingered toddlers is a reality.

    With nearly 20 years of customer service experience, she has worked in a variety of fields, from retail and restaurants to specialty pharmaceuticals, new home construction, financial services and association management.

    When she’s not providing world-class customer service, you can find her curled up with a good book or ball of yarn, conducting home science experiments, or answering the question “why” for the eleventy-bajillionth time.

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Gordon Glenister (Moderator)

Membership and influencer marketing expert / Author, Podcaster / Keynote Speaker - Director of Communications @ MESA
Membership World
Gordon Glenister (Moderator)
  • Gordon Glenister (Moderator)


    I work with my clients to help them become better leaders in the world of influencer marketing and/or running better membership organisations with the aim of

    ✅ Increasing market share

    ✅ Increasing revenue

    ✅ Showing greater authority

    ✅ Showing greater visibility

    ✅ Creating more impact

    ✅ Showing more influence

    ✅ Seeing more referrals


    For Businesses

    I help them develop or refine their membership or influencer proposition and I do this by auditing their current business and getting a clear understanding of the challenges ahead, then go through a mapped process to achieve the desired results

    ✅ Audit evaluation

    ✅ Re-aligning mission and brand proposition

    ✅ Creating influencer or membership strategy

    ✅ Refer key influential people to help amplify the plan

    ✅ Evaluate success by testing and measuring effectiveness

    I can also work to help businesses write blogs on their websites, collaborate on white papers and help them build their brand exposure through my podcasts

    For Individuals

    When I work with individuals, I go through the same process of understanding their business challenges and how I can help them to achieve a more successful membership programme or consider how best to become an influencer. Influencer marketing is the fastest growing advertising discipline today


    ? About Me

    I have run trade associations, launched online education platforms, exhibitions and magazines as well as grown the membership of many organisations. I specialise in mystery shopper audits too I won the BPMA personality of the year in 2009 and now work with leading brands, agencies and SMEs

    I love working with ambitious people that want to make a difference to their organisations.





    Based: London, UK.

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