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Clare Forestier (Moderator)

Skilled Hybrid, Virtual, and In-person Emcee | Event Host | Moderator | Media & Speaker Training
Clare Forestier
  • Clare Forestier (Moderator)

    My job is all about helping business event organisers deliver sensational and memorable experiences by becoming their charismatic and skilled emcee.

    If you’d like to have your event expertly hosted by an energetic, and professional event host with great credentials and experience, who is also relatable, fun to work with, and a real team player, I can help.

    I’m a professional business host who has spent 20+ years learning how to keep all kinds of audiences happy. I bring my warm friendly and unflappable style and years of experience as a broadcast journalist and business event moderator to ensure your audience feels welcomed, appreciated, and taken care of.

    Working with me gives your events the wow factor and guarantees a professional, experienced, and safe pair of hands-on stage.  I ensure your audience is well looked after, engaged, and entertained. 


    Attendee Experience is vital to me.  My role makes you look good to audience and prospects and gives kudos to the event organisers.

    I work to makes the event appear smooth and seamless and bring the room alive by maintaining energy, humour and engagement.  I deftly manage panel discussions and fireside chats ensuring they perfectly paced and compelling.  And I work with your presenters to deliver expert speeches.

    I’ve hosted in person, virtual and hybrid business events on a huge variety of subjects and industries.

    I’d love to partner with you to make sure your attendees are really wowed by your event, so message me today or email me



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David O'Coimin

Founder Creative Director
Nook Event Pods
  • David O'Coimin

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Russell Maguson

RD Mobile
  • Russell Maguson

    My name is Russell Magnuson, and I am the CEO of both Results Direct and RD Mobile. Results Direct has served the membership sector for almost 30 years and I've been with it since its inception.

    RD Mobile first started developing mobile apps for the membership sector more than 10 years ago.

    RD Mobile now provides the industry-leading member engagement and event apps for associations. RD Mobile apps are used by more than 300 organizations to power more than 2,000 events in 20+ countries.

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William (Bill) McGlade

epIQ Creative Group
  • William (Bill) McGlade

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