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Welcome to the meetings and events community group: where like-minded people in the industry connect and share their ideas and concerns.  Following the momentum gained from the Meeting Design Institute over the recent years and our membership and involvement, this continues the MDI legacy and evolves into the next stages of what we all need, now and in the future.
As part of this community, we can regularly meet to network, learn and move forward with joint ideas – to help ourselves, the industry, and each other.  Feel free to introduce this group to your supplier colleagues in the industry that you also feel will benefit from this network, once you have had a chance to find out more.

Our purpose is:

To create business opportunities and build personal relationships within the community 

To reach new audiences and connections with meeting planners 

To create best practice for running and executing meetings 

To share industry knowledge through surveys and network influencers

To provide support from within the community to energise, champion each other and empathise for members' needs

Target members: Individuals and companies involved in planning meetings (Suppliers).

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