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Welcome to the meetings and events community group: where like-minded people in the industry connect and share their ideas and concerns.  



We have recently launched MESA, the new Meetings & Events Support Association.  We are very excited about this new community – a place where suppliers of the meetings and events industry can share knowledge and industry trends.


You can register here as a non-member of MESA to be part of the community, totally free of charge. 

Register here to become a guest member of MESA.


Of course we would love for you to become a full member of MESA, for additional connections, more information and invites to our regular calls and forums. 


You can see more about MESA Membership here.

Interested Contact Sandie


We look forward to seeing you soon !

Sandie, Gordon, Adam


Sandie McCoubrey

Sales & Marketing professional, owner of Eventif-Solutions, Partnership & Membership Manager
  • Sandie McCoubrey
    I am an enthusiastic sales and marketing professional with a passion to help companies achieve and meet their goals.
    Best placed to help companies struggling and in need of new creative ideas and energy, support and leadership.  I am also on hand to help larger and more established companies come through the challenges they may be currently facing.
    Extremely goal orientated and committed to success, I consider myself a very loyal and dedicated part of any team.  My strengths lie in networking and bringing new connections to you, and opportunities to each other.
    I look forward to hearing from like-minded individuals, or companies, to start and develop new projects and ideas in an ever-changing world.
    Compassion – Sincerity – Empathy are words I choose to live by.
    Specialties: Strategic planning, event and project management, sales, marketing, new concepts/ideas. 

    Based: Corfu, Greece.
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Adam Fillary

Championing Personal Networking & Pioneering New Techniques
  • Adam Fillary
    I'm passionate in the extreme, developing and delivering business concepts and projects. Focused on my long term objectives and excited by the short term milestones I've set myself and by others.

    Now dedicated to the businesses I run, having spent too much time demolishing previous employers sales targets, whilst re-writing the rule books wherever I've worked and whomever I've worked for.

    No limits to the ideas and concepts I have, Alphabet would be lucky to have me!

    I simply love working, and for those who don't, I don't understand why you don't. This is my hobby and my life, work is what I chose to do! Please understand that. 

    Based: London, UK.
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Gordon Glenister

Membership and influencer marketing expert /
Author, Podcaster / Keynote Speaker
Membership World
  • Gordon Glenister
    I work with my clients to help them become better leaders in the world of influencer marketing and/or running better membership organisations with the aim of
    ✅ Increasing market share
    ✅ Increasing revenue
    ✅ Showing greater authority
    ✅ Showing greater visibility
    ✅ Creating more impact
    ✅ Showing more influence
    ✅ Seeing more referrals

    For Businesses
    I help them develop or refine their membership or influencer proposition and I do this by auditing their current business and getting a clear understanding of the challenges ahead, then go through a mapped process to achieve the desired results
    ✅ Audit evaluation
    ✅ Re-aligning mission and brand proposition
    ✅ Creating influencer or membership strategy
    ✅ Refer key influential people to help amplify the plan
    ✅ Evaluate success by testing and measuring effectiveness
    I can also work to help businesses write blogs on their websites, collaborate on white papers and help them build their brand exposure through my podcasts
    For Individuals
    When I work with individuals, I go through the same process of understanding their business challenges and how I can help them to achieve a more successful membership programme or consider how best to become an influencer. Influencer marketing is the fastest growing advertising discipline today

    ? About Me
    I have run trade associations, launched online education platforms, exhibitions and magazines as well as grown the membership of many organisations. I specialise in mystery shopper audits too I won the BPMA personality of the year in 2009 and now work with leading brands, agencies and SMEs
    I love working with ambitious people that want to make a difference to their organisations.


    Based: London, UK.
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